If consumers knew how farmed chickens were raised, they might never eat their meat again.
The Guardian
What the chicken industry doesn't want you to know

Today the average American consumes 94 pounds of chicken each year, making it the most popular meat in the U.S. But very few know the devastation the chicken industry causes to the environment, the animals, and people - both industry workers and consumers. From countless food safety recalls to animal welfare violations, this site aims to provide a truthful look inside the unsustainable chicken industry and its victims.

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    "We were supposed to handle 24 chickens per minute, an impossible timeframe for anything even resembling “humane.” The birds would struggle; they would flap their wings or defecate out of fear, releasing feathers, blood and feces everywhere."
    "Nearly every chicken responded with screams and violent physical reactions from the moment they were grabbed by workers and as they went through the line. The screaming of the birds and the frenzied flapping of their wings were so loud that you had to yell to the worker next to you, who was standing less than two feet away, just so he could hear you."
    "All the chickens I saw had scalding and feather-loss on their stomachs and chests, presumably ammonia burns from living in their own waste while in the "grow-out" facility."